Pour A Little Sugar On It

There are a few of things that you might use daily for your everyday meals without realizing that you may be innocently consuming toxins. There are a few simple substitutions we can make that will enhance your daily nutritional intake.

I would begin by replacing margarine with real butter, because butter is actually all natural. Margarine is made up by adding hydrogen to vegetable oil which is also very high in trans-fat. Most stores are also offering real butter that is mixed with olive oil. Speaking of vegetable oil and canola oil I would also begin to substitute it with olive oil, or peanut oil if you are cooking at high temperatures. Truthfully your body doesn’t need fats, but if you are going to be consuming fats, you might as well consume the natural ones right?

Another recommended easy substitution you can make is to replace white products. For example most of us have sugar in our coffee. Organically grown raw sugar goes through less chemical processing than white sugar, not to mention there are no cancer-causing ecologically damaging chemicals or insecticides that are used when growing and producing raw sugar. Unprocessed raw cane sugar contains 17 different amino acids, as well as 11 minerals, 6 vitamins and is formulated of sucrose, fructose, and glucose. Raw sugar also contains antioxidants that assist the body in reversing damage caused to yourselves by oxidative degeneration. Common white processed table sugar is only composed of sucrose and calories with measurable amounts of sulfur dioxide, phosphoric acid, and lime. White table sugar is processed by purging and removing all of the molasses, the nutrients, to include the color through a multiple step process of refining. By replacing the white bleached sugar with raw sugar, you are now consuming a more natural product. Best case scenario I would recommend replacing raw unprocessed sugar with any raw organic unfiltered honey whenever possible. By doing this you can potentially reduce your chances of developing two types of diabetes, cardiovascular disease as well as becoming overweight.

A final simple swap is replacing your white pastas with wheat pasta. The reason I suggest products other than the white bleached ones is because they go through much less processing and are exposed to less chemicals than your typical white bleached non-nutritional product.

The best thing about swapping out the non-nutritional products for the more natural ones is that most often times the natural products taste so much better. If you make these small and easy switches to your diet you will definitely be able to increase your nutritional value.


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Grocery Shopping; an Expedition

When you want to save money and at the same time add nutritional value to your plate it is imperative that you dedicate your time and develop some strategies for shopping at stores that will provide you with the best deal. Most people tend shop wherever it is the most convenient. As we get bombarded with all of the different options we tend to dread grocery shopping all together. This may initially seem very time-consuming, but this is only because it’s a new system that you’re going to be incorporating into your schedule. This attitude will change when you realize the substantial amount of money that you can actually save.

Don’t skip the discount grocery stores such as The Dollar Tree, Big Lots, 99 Cent Store, farmers markets or Grocery Outlet. The only downfall to these discount grocery stores or outdoor markets is that they do not always have the same products on a regular basis. I would suggest hitting these stores first to see what it is they have in stock at reduced prices that are too good to pass up, prior to going to a major grocery store. Develop a game plan on preparing meals based on the healthy items you might find on sale, such as perishable items.

Becoming familiar to how much a particular item you like differs in price at each store can be a huge tool and knowing the average price of items can tremendously help you save money while eating the things you enjoy. For example my favorite cheese is Vermont White Cheddar Cheese, at most grocery stores it is priced $3.99 for eight ounces, but Walmart has it available for $8.99 for two pounds. Once you have gotten a solid knowledge of the average price you should become familiar with checking out each stores local ad. Most recently Smith’s had a sale of 85% lean- 15% fat beef on sale for $2.99 when regularly it is priced at $4.99 a pound. Typically I would not buy my beef at Smith’s, however this week they happen to have the best deal. Soon enough it will begin to be so fun to shop and exciting to get good deals that it will turn into a money making hobby.

As you can see our goals of eating well while spending less can be reached if you dedicate a little bit of your time and restructure your shopping habits you will not only save money, but you will be able to maintain or met your nutritional goals. If your employer told you that if you could work a few extra hours a week, you would get a $5000 bonus check later in the year, you wouldn’t hesitate to take that offer. Let’s take a few hours a week to shop and potentially “earn” $5,000 or more by shopping smart.

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Eat to Live and Live to Eat

Cooking is not only technical and aesthetically stimulating, but it is also an ancient social bonding experience. Good food nourishes the soul of the people who are eating and can generate pleasurable reminiscences of gladness. By contrast, unhealthy, unnatural or processed foods can damage the soul by building up damaging toxins in our bodies. I want to show you how to select healthy ingredients and replace the synthetic foods many people are currently unaware that they are consuming.

Many consumers are fooled into thinking that in order to create meals that hold nutritional value and tastes delicious that you have to empty out your pockets. I was once fooled by this as well. I am a single woman with your typical expenses: mortgage, car, insurance, utilities, cable…ect. I once and I repeat once stopped by Whole Foods to pick up a few things I was missing for dinner one night and ended up with a $47 bill. There are so many other options out there that many people do not know about.

Keeping your body healthy internally through good nutrition will help to keep it disease-free. The good nutrition that you get from healthy foods helps your blood deliver essential minerals to your body during circulation. You have to become familiar with listening to your body when it speaks to you. If you are sleepy, don’t try to stay awake, listen to your body and shut it down so you can rejuvenate and it can repair itself. Similarly when it comes to eating, don’t eat because you’re bored, eat when you’re hungry. Once you begin a regiment of healthy eating, you will come to a point where you won’t have a desire to eat such things as ready to eat or processed foods. And the times that you do you will feel miserable, which is nothing more than your body telling you that it wants to reject these types of consumables. In ancient times past, food was also considered a medicine, as our bodies have a remarkable capacity to heal itself if it can draw upon the right substances to do the job. You can think of it as transforming your grocery list and to a type of medical prescription. With the proper diet, you can change your mood, your outlook on life, add energy and vitality, and prevent catastrophic diseases. If you are already plagued with some type of medical issues, a proper diet can reduce the effects of a plethora of maladies that are interfering in your quest for a long happy and comfortable life.

In this blog I would like to share with you all my “secrets” to creating incredible meals without having to spend an obscene about of money. You will also become aware of the different harmful things we innocently do to our health and our bodies because we don’t know any better. I hope that I can inspire and motivate you to wean away from synthetic foods and begin to generate magic in the kitchen.