Grocery Shopping; an Expedition

When you want to save money and at the same time add nutritional value to your plate it is imperative that you dedicate your time and develop some strategies for shopping at stores that will provide you with the best deal. Most people tend shop wherever it is the most convenient. As we get bombarded with all of the different options we tend to dread grocery shopping all together. This may initially seem very time-consuming, but this is only because it’s a new system that you’re going to be incorporating into your schedule. This attitude will change when you realize the substantial amount of money that you can actually save.

Don’t skip the discount grocery stores such as The Dollar Tree, Big Lots, 99 Cent Store, farmers markets or Grocery Outlet. The only downfall to these discount grocery stores or outdoor markets is that they do not always have the same products on a regular basis. I would suggest hitting these stores first to see what it is they have in stock at reduced prices that are too good to pass up, prior to going to a major grocery store. Develop a game plan on preparing meals based on the healthy items you might find on sale, such as perishable items.

Becoming familiar to how much a particular item you like differs in price at each store can be a huge tool and knowing the average price of items can tremendously help you save money while eating the things you enjoy. For example my favorite cheese is Vermont White Cheddar Cheese, at most grocery stores it is priced $3.99 for eight ounces, but Walmart has it available for $8.99 for two pounds. Once you have gotten a solid knowledge of the average price you should become familiar with checking out each stores local ad. Most recently Smith’s had a sale of 85% lean- 15% fat beef on sale for $2.99 when regularly it is priced at $4.99 a pound. Typically I would not buy my beef at Smith’s, however this week they happen to have the best deal. Soon enough it will begin to be so fun to shop and exciting to get good deals that it will turn into a money making hobby.

As you can see our goals of eating well while spending less can be reached if you dedicate a little bit of your time and restructure your shopping habits you will not only save money, but you will be able to maintain or met your nutritional goals. If your employer told you that if you could work a few extra hours a week, you would get a $5000 bonus check later in the year, you wouldn’t hesitate to take that offer. Let’s take a few hours a week to shop and potentially “earn” $5,000 or more by shopping smart.

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