Pour A Little Sugar On It

There are a few of things that you might use daily for your everyday meals without realizing that you may be innocently consuming toxins. There are a few simple substitutions we can make that will enhance your daily nutritional intake.

I would begin by replacing margarine with real butter, because butter is actually all natural. Margarine is made up by adding hydrogen to vegetable oil which is also very high in trans-fat. Most stores are also offering real butter that is mixed with olive oil. Speaking of vegetable oil and canola oil I would also begin to substitute it with olive oil, or peanut oil if you are cooking at high temperatures. Truthfully your body doesn’t need fats, but if you are going to be consuming fats, you might as well consume the natural ones right?

Another recommended easy substitution you can make is to replace white products. For example most of us have sugar in our coffee. Organically grown raw sugar goes through less chemical processing than white sugar, not to mention there are no cancer-causing ecologically damaging chemicals or insecticides that are used when growing and producing raw sugar. Unprocessed raw cane sugar contains 17 different amino acids, as well as 11 minerals, 6 vitamins and is formulated of sucrose, fructose, and glucose. Raw sugar also contains antioxidants that assist the body in reversing damage caused to yourselves by oxidative degeneration. Common white processed table sugar is only composed of sucrose and calories with measurable amounts of sulfur dioxide, phosphoric acid, and lime. White table sugar is processed by purging and removing all of the molasses, the nutrients, to include the color through a multiple step process of refining. By replacing the white bleached sugar with raw sugar, you are now consuming a more natural product. Best case scenario I would recommend replacing raw unprocessed sugar with any raw organic unfiltered honey whenever possible. By doing this you can potentially reduce your chances of developing two types of diabetes, cardiovascular disease as well as becoming overweight.

A final simple swap is replacing your white pastas with wheat pasta. The reason I suggest products other than the white bleached ones is because they go through much less processing and are exposed to less chemicals than your typical white bleached non-nutritional product.

The best thing about swapping out the non-nutritional products for the more natural ones is that most often times the natural products taste so much better. If you make these small and easy switches to your diet you will definitely be able to increase your nutritional value.


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