Mineral Building Blocks

Pink Him Salt
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Table salt is primarily made up of 40% sodium and 60% chloride. This type of sodium was used to make mustard gas in WWI. This is not the type of sodium our body needs to stop acidity. The damage caused to the arteries by table salt is similar to the damage caused to the arteries by someone who accessibly abuses tobacco products. It also causes deposits of free radicals and the deterioration of eyesight. Table salt contributes to premature aging due to the free radicals deposits to the cells.

Regular table salt is processed in order to give it an even attractive texture, making it easier to dissolve when used in recipes. During the process it is strip of all trace minerals and they are mixed with certain additives like aluminum silicate which is a heavy metal and 18 other chemicals including talcum powder. However, this prevents the salt from clumping up. This is the reason in recent times since we began eating refined salt heart diseases and high blood pressure as well as strokes and kidney disease have been increasingly on the rise.

You can replace the iodine salt that you use with sea salt which has the trace minerals that your body needs. Sea salt has about half of the sodium compared to regular table salt. This is due primarily to the fact that sea salt is made up of larger crystals. Since sea salt is not processed it retains important levels of trace minerals such as potassium, iron, calcium, zinc, iodine, magnesium and various important micronutrients that help in the regulation of our immune system, thyroid function and many other important factors.

Pink Himalayan sea salt actually has the most nutritional trace minerals at 84. It is actually often times referred to as the “cleanest, purest and mineral-dense salt on the planet.” There are numerous other benefits to using pink Himalayan salt such as it will also lower your blood pressure, relax your mind and body, and it can even help with sinus issues.

If you’re going to consume sodium, consume the best kind!


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