Aww…Honey, Honey

Nevada Honey
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Whenever it’s possible you should incorporate honey into your diet by replacing the sugar that you may normally use with raw honey instead. It’s essential that you eliminate the consumption of processed sugar whenever possible. One way to accomplish this is to use honey as a sweetener instead of sugar. Unlike honey, sugar lacks the high vitamin and mineral content.

Raw, unprocessed, unpasteurized organic honey is an underrated superfood. It is a very potent natural antioxidant. There are numerous benefits that raw honey brings to the table. Raw unprocessed honey reduces the buildup of cholesterol in the arteries. It also reduces the amount of free radicals that enter into our cells when they are developed. Sometimes raw honey can often degenerate the free radical activity in human cells better than fresh fruit or vegetables. Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules, which are associated with causing cancer. Consuming raw honey also helps fight against premature aging. It is a natural defense against cell damage. The anti-oxidant level in raw unprocessed honey is equivalent to many vegetables such as spinach. The pinocembrin found in honey has been proven to help with the function of the brain.

Honey since ancient times has been use to help heal many injuries and open wounds. This is because it’s antimicrobial agents; unrefined raw natural honey contains amounts of phenolic acids as well as hydrogen peroxide. When honey has not been heated or processed it can act as a natural infection fighter and will stimulate healing and the growth of healthy tissue. Once honey is been processed and heated it loses much of its nutritional properties. In its native unfiltered condition it contains over 5000 various enzymes, 22 amino acids, 27 different minerals to include natural phytonutrients potassium, calcium, magnesium and live enzymes. It is also full of vitamins A, B-complex, C, D, E, and K vitamins and other nutritional elements.

People who suffer from allergies can reduce the effects of the high pollen count in the air by consuming local raw, unprocessed, unheated honey. The bees gather nectar from local flowers and pollen from various local plants in order to produce honey as food for their beehive colony. When you consume this locally manufactured honey made from local plant pollen your body will build up an immunity to the pollen. This will greatly reduce or in most cases eliminate your suffering from allergies.

Honey also provides you with easily absorbed natural glucose and carbohydrates which are needed when you are either working at a hard job or even if you’re in need of some quick energy. If you’re an athlete it is beneficial to consume honey prior, during, or post workout.

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