Chocolate Equals Life

Photo Credit: George Winter

We all know that there is no possibility of life in our bodies without the function of blood. Out of all of the millions of cells and all of the organs in our bodies, blood is the only cell or organism that is mobile. This is because blood is a fluid and an amazing one at that. Blood is not limited to one specific part of our bodies as other cells are. Blood is free to move around the entire structure of our physique and it makes contact with every other cell. Not only does it supply the important essential nutrients for life, but blood also carries away the waste products that our bodies produce.

The nutrition density found in raw chocolate improves this blood flow and benefits every single function of the human body where blood is delivered. It will dissolve the buildup of plaque in your artery walls. Raw chocolate also destroys the bad cholesterol known as LDL by containing the phytochemical sitosterol. It also contains the enzyme called asparaginase that fights against leukemia.

Another important thing about this super food is that it protects the body from the buildup of dangerous cancer-causing free radicals. This can happen to all of us in many ways in the form of pollution and overexposure to the sun just to name a few. When these free radicals get inside they instigate the development of cancer and cardiovascular disease. When you consume high levels of antioxidants it protects your body and destroys oxygenated free radicals circulating in your bloodstream that can potentially deliver death to your body incrementally.


  1. Raw chocolate also destroys streptococci mutants which is a strain of bacteria that causes tooth decay.
  2. The great news is there is no limit to how much chocolate can consume per day.

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