Going Blue

Photo credit: Electra de Peyster

As I have been preaching in my previous blogs about substituting yellow and white products with non-bleached products. I want to introduce blue corn products and explain how you can instantaneously improve your health by switching to blue corn products.


Blue corn holds much higher nutritional content than your typical white and yellow corn products. Blue corn contains a lot of the same substances that are found in such fruits as raisins, blackberries, blueberries, plums, cherries, nectarines and grapes. These same natural chemical compounds are also found in vegetables to include red cabbage, purple potatoes, and red onions.

Access to good nutrition is plentiful in a variety of plant foods that contain high levels of the antioxidants such as anthocyanin, xanthene and zeozanthene. This is what actually produces deep the blue, red or purple color that we see. These natural chemical compounds are highly nutritious and anti-oxidant rich water-soluble plant pigments. Fortunately for us, blue corn products are almost always non GMO, as compared to the more common white and yellow corn products. The Yellow and white corn products are typically always GMO, which means that they have been grown and processed with numerous pesticides and other chemical exposures. These chemical poisons end up being deposited and stored in your liver and kidneys destroying your cells and advancing many diseases which were once uncommon.

There are other enormous health benefits in disease prevention that have been tied to blue corn. The anthocyanin found in blue corn will advance good heart health by reducing the inflammation that is responsible for chronic heart disease and will also slow down the absorption of sugar. Along with improved food choices and a larger conscience ingestion of these amazing plant compounds, you will benefit from their anticancer effects such as a reduction of quite a few markers of colon cancer. Another health benefit of blue corn is its ability to prevent bacteria from clinging to bladder walls, which in turn will reduce the occurrences of urinary tract infections.

There are various blue corn products that you can try to include blue corn tortilla chips, fresh soft blue tortillas, hard blue corn taco shells and blue corn muffins. You’d be surprised how incredibly delicious these items are compared to the yellow or white corn products that you are used to. I want to challenge you the next time you are going to buy tortilla chips to reach for the blue corn ones instead and I promise you’ll enjoy the difference.

I encourage you to design your meals and snacks with food containing health-promoting compounds whenever possible.

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