Ancient Coffee Brew

Coffee for consumption as we know of today was discovered by a Christian goat shepherd. He camped near a coffee bean tree. His herd rested under that tree, and ate the fallen fruit. The Shepherd noticed the herd stayed up all night restless.  He reported this to his local Abbot. He experimented and brewed a hot beverage. The Abbot realized that he and his fellow monks were able to stay up for long hours during the night in prayer after drinking this beverage. And coffee history was born.

Step 1:

You can gather some raw coffee beans or you can do some research to find some of the best gourmet coffee.

Step 2 and 3:

Place two cups of water into a pot and bring it to a rapid boil. You will know it’s ready once it starts to bubble and steam starts to form.

Step 4:

You purchased raw coffee beans and roasted them yourself or you simply selected gourmet coffee.  You will want to add a teaspoon of the grounded coffee to the cup you would normally drink your morning cup of joe out of.

Step 5:

Add the boiling water to the cup that contains coffee, be sure to be careful as the water will be piping hot.

Step 6:

Stir the coffee around a couple of times.

Step 7:

Allow the coffee to self-brew for several minutes. The hotter the water is the longer you can allow it to self-brew and allow for the full flavor to be exposed.

Step 8:

I suggest adding a natural sweetener such as a teaspoon of your local raw honey.

Step 9:

Prepare yourself for the best cup of joe you’ve had. Be sure to skip out on the coffee grinds.

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